Software Design and Development

The CoolMinds team has multiple years of hands-on experience in designing and developing solutions using Java/J2EE technologies. We adopt Agile Development methodologies to build feature driven projects. Lean software development practices are implemented for quick turnaround times. Regular and continuous interactions with our clients help build better solutions, attain maximum customer satisfaction, and reduce time-to-market of the solutions. We are capable of developing secure, robust, and scalable deliverables for both web and mobile. Some of the domains where we have implemented SaaS integrated solutions are:

• E-Commerce Applications: The Coolminds team uninterruptedly interacts and works parallel with the telecommunication service providers and retail merchants in United States to develop solutions for various modules of E-commerce such as end-to-end configuration and management of Digital Gift cards, development and management of B2B messaging systems. 

• Billing Software: The Coolminds team has developed a solution for attorneys and para-legal experts in US law firms for monitoring property-tax collection for different real estate owner associations.

• CRM Solution: We have developed SaaS billing solutions that provide comprehensive end-to-end monitoring of tasks related to CRM. CoolMinds provides a one-stop solution for managing bill collection from customers, generating invoice, tracking customer grievances, technical maintenance services management, distribution management, employee management, and so on.

• Organic Farming Survey Certification Solution: We have developed a solution for hassle-free GPS enabled assessment and certification of farmer clusters involved in organic farming. Field-staff management is also one of the primary feature of the solution.

• M-Commerce Applications: Some end-to-end mobile commerce applications that the CoolMinds team developed include mobile prepaid top-up recharge cards and managing other related services, SaaS sales solution where product catalogues could be accessed over SMS and USSD interfaces.

The expertise at CoolMinds are proficient to leverage the capabilities of Java/J2EE technologies, build and deploy cost-effective business solutions that increase our client’s Return on Investment (ROI). Our technical experts have developed intelligent SaaS deliverables using the following software tools, technologies, and frameworks:

Tools IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Android Studio, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, SoapUI.

Programming or Scripting Languages : Java, JavaScript, ColdFusion, HTML

Servers and Technologies : Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), XMLBeans, Apache Tomcat, JBoss

Framework : Bootstrap, Seam, Apache Struts, Junit, iBATIS, Hibernate ORM, Spring Framework, Castor, Apache MINA, Apache Axis.

Project Management JIRA, Redmine, SugarCRM

Database Management

Our highly talented personnel are capable of managing the most crucial entities of your business—The Databases. The CoolMinds team, a mix of both Development Database Administrators and Production Database Administrators, is competent to adopt tactical end-to-end database management strategies and standards best suited for the client requirements in both development and production phases.
Some of the prime database related tasks that we undertake include:

Development DBA Tasks

• Understand the business requirements and create compliant database environments that are robust, scalable, and secure.

• Data modelling and normalization.

• Coordinate with developers to update the databases according to the new features.

• Database migration.

• Develop tools and stored procedures for automation and database testing.

Production DBA Tasks

• Manage operational databases, deploy latest patchsets, and rollout new releases.

• Track and troubleshoot issues in complex operational shared and clustered database environments.

• Round-the-clock support to improve service availability and monitor the health of the databases.

• Coordinate with appropriate teams to develop feasible workarounds to resolve key issues that affect the functioning of the database environments.

• Configure routine data backup and recovery mechanisms.

• Conduct audits for performance tuning.

• Ensure security and integrity of data in operational database environments.

At CoolMinds, we provide proactive support to design and to maintain different database management systems like Microsoft SQL server, ORACLE, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.

Quality Assurance

We are a pool of talented technical quality analysts responsible for implementing bug-free quality deliverables on-time. Coolminds adopts ideal testing and Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies to identify bugs or problems and initiate corrective measures or processes to build premier quality business solutions. Our QA and Testing personnel implement QA processes spanning the entire Software Development Cycle (SDLC). Each solution that we develop undergoes a suite of varied Validation and Verification mechanisms such as usability testing, regression testing, database testing, and so on. Our QA team comprises of testing professionals competent of conducting both manual and automated testing techniques. Some of the key quality assurance tasks that we implement include:

• Design test plans, test scenarios, scripts, or procedures across the software development lifecycle.

• Use both manual and automated testing methodologies to track bugs and issues affecting the smooth functioning of solutions.

• Sets up and maintain test environments for both manual and automated testing.

• Work with various teams to deliver quality business solutions to maximise ROI.

A wide range of automated tools such as Canoo WebTest, WebInject, Apache JMeter™, and Selenium are used to conduct various testing methodologies.

Technical Maintenance and Support

Regardless of the volume or nature of business solutions, we offer Tier II and Tier III Technical Support services around the globe. Our Technical Support team is equipped to provide proactive and intuitive Technical Support and Maintenance services to organizations across time zones. We are proficient in providing quality and timely remote production DBA support. The Technical Support team coordinates with other internal teams to provide timely effective solutions to customer issues. Our round-the-clock support has helped many organizations in hassle-free production deployments. We resolve issues that customers face through telephonic calls, Email, or Webex sessions. The CoolMinds team uses JIRA and Redmine to manage various projects and track customer issues efficiently. The multi-tier technical support services also include overnight installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance for clients in different time zones.

 We assist our clients to install, update, backup, or restore the software service platforms within their respective maintenance time window.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We offer Business Intelligence and Analytics services to our clients which helps them to transform voluminous unstructured data to predictive analytics for decision making. CoolMinds has the technical know-how to deliver ideal end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services. Our BI solutions offer in-depth data visualization, predictive analytics, intuitive Dashboards, and ad hoc reports.
Some of the key Business Intelligence and Analytics related tasks that we implement include:

• Analyze the business data and translate to actionable insights.

• Implement Extraction, Transform and Load (ETL) operations to synthesize raw data to useful decision making metrics.

• Interact with teams and customers to understand the key parameters and formulate mathematical and statistical approaches.

• Design and generate interactive and scalable reports for target audience within stipulated timelines.

Our BI experts are proficient in implementing the solutions using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS),SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS),

JasperReports, Informatica PowerCenter, Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos Analytics, Tibco Spotfire and Tableau.